Thursday, June 19, 2008

Witness: McGee solicited money for license approval

Jurors heard wiretap recording of former Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee Jr. allegedly soliciting money for the approval of a liquor license as his federal corruption trial continued today.

Mohammed Abdul Rahim, a businessman from McGee's district, took the stand Wednesday afternoon and recounted a meeting with McGee at a Sam's Club to discuss a beer license for the store he manages, Family Super Saver. During the encounter, Rahim said that McGee told him, "You owe me for it." The amount he said he and McGee agreed upon was $5,000.

Several days later Rahim gave an associate of McGee's, identified by prosecutors as Dennis Walton, the money. The beer license was green-lighted during the next common council meeting.

Prosecutors played recordings that included McGee and Rahim discussing an additional $5,000 that the Rahim had agreed to pay.


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