Friday, April 18, 2008

Judge rules wire taps are in for McGee trial

A Milwaukee County judge Friday rejected former Ald. Michael McGee Jr.'s request to throw out wire taps prosecutors plan to use against him at trial.

McGee, who faces seven felonies and five misdemeanors, had challenged the wire taps, arguing prosecutors had overstepped their authority in obtaining them. McGee attorney Larry Jarrett argued some of the comments caught on tape were said in jest as well.

But Judge Dennis P. Moroney rejected the challenge and ruled the wire taps could be used at trial.

Both sides went through a series of motions at Friday's hearing in advance of McGee's May 19 trial. McGee stands accused of arranging for a beating as well as a number of election violations for allegedly bribing people to vote for him.

Moroney ruled that two juries will hear the case. The first jury will hear the first two counts in the alleged beating plot. The second jury will hear the 10 counts that pertain to the election.

McGee will be able to wear street clothes at this trial, but his feet will remain shackled. Moroney said that having McGee unrestrained during the trial would be a liability for the state.


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