Friday, March 07, 2008

Jensen asks appeals court to move trial

Scott Jensen has asked an appeals court to grant his request to move his re-trial to Waukesha County or grant him leave to appeal on the issue.

Jensen is seeking to have his second trial on felony charges filed in 2002 moved to his home county as allowed under the ethics overhaul lawmakers approved last year. A Dane County judge has already denied that request.

Jensen argues in his appeal that the circuit court erred in its decision and asked the appeals court to consider sending the case directly to the state Supreme Court.

In the filing, Jensen argues a second conviction in Dane County would result in yet another retrial if he's convicted because it's the wrong venue.

"To overreach and yet again deprive Petitioner of his basic rights is not only improper, but an enormous waste of State resources," his attorneys wrote in the brief.

Read the petition:


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