Wednesday, December 05, 2007

State Claims Board backs legal fees for Thompson

The Wisconsin Claims Board says the state should cover more than $228,000 in legal fees for Georgia Thompson because her prosecution for bid ridding came about by virtue of her state employment.

"The legal fees, fines and assessments incurred in this matter are an obligation of the employer (State of Wisconsin) rather than its employee (Ms. Thompson)," the board wrote in its decision recommending $228,792.62 go to her attorneys.

Thompson was convicted in 2006 by a federal jury for steering a contract to a contributor of Gov. Jim Doyle's campaign. But that conviction was overturned at a federal court of appeals, with a judge calling the evidence "beyond thin."

Thompson's attorney Stephen Hurley applauded the decision.

"I'm very grateful that the board considered this and considered it so thoughtfully," Hurley said, calling it a "good resolution."

Thompson has been reinstated to her state job and already has received more than $67,000 in back pay for lost wages from the time she was forced to quit following her conviction until she was reinstated following the appeals court decision.

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