Wednesday, October 31, 2007

McGee trial pushed back

The state trial for Michael McGee has been moved back to March 3.

According to Milwaukee County ADA Bruce Landgraf, a motion filed by McGee's lawyer to challenge federal wiretap evidence could take days to argue and a hearing couldn't be scheduled before the original trial date of Dec. 10, which will now serve as the motion hearing date.

In addition to charges stemming from the beating plot allegation, McGee faces additional counts for alleged election law violations. Evidence for all of the charges will be presented during the March trial, but a separate jury will consider the election-related counts.

McGee is still being held without bail, but that hasn't stopped him from offering a budget amendment for consideration at the Council's budget amendment meeting Thursday.

McGee is asking for $500,000 to be diverted from the police department budget to support unarmed civilian patrols. In a statement, McGee points out that several alderman have organized citizen patrol groups and supported other initiatives that augment police with civilians.

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