Friday, June 15, 2007

Georgia Thompson files claim with the state

Department of Administration employee Georgia Thompson filed a claim with the state eeking reimbursement for nearly $360,000 in costs stemming from her prosecution and conviction on bid-rigging charges.

Thompson, who was rehired by DOA after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out her conviction in early April, seeks more than $206,000 in legal fees, $130,000 in taxes due on those fees and more than $14,000 in costs and disbursements. The claim also seeks just less than $10,000 for fines paid, preparation of her claim and assessments.

Thompson has already paid more than $162,000 of the legal fees owed, according to the claim.

"Reimbursement of a state employee's legal fees in a case such as this is appropriate and just," Thompson's lawyers write in the claim. "Payment will not undo the emotional trauma of such charges and wrongful incarceration, but it will help her put the pieces back together."

Thompson served four months of an 18-month sentence after her conviction by a Milwaukee jury for steering a state travel contract toward Adelman Travel. The case, prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic, became the subject of Congressional hearings in the subsequent scandal over U.S. Attorney firings by the Dept. of Justice.

At the time of her acquittal by the federal court, Gov. Doyle indicated that Thompson would be eligible for reimbursement by the state for her legal fees.


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