Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ethics Board agrees to give Supreme Court jurisdiction in Ziegler investigation

The state Ethics Board argued that Wisconsin laws giving it authority to discipline judges are constitutional and do not violate the separation of powers doctrine.

In its May 7 filing, the board also consented to the Supreme Court taking original jurisdiction in a suit Annette Ziegler filed to block enforcement of an Ethics Board complaint against her.

Ziegler, who won a spot on the Supreme Court last month, has challenged the board's complaint that she violated conflict of interest statutes by hearing cases in her Washington County courtroom involving a bank for which her husband is a director. She argues the judicial branch alone has oversight authority for state judges.

The Judicial Commission has opened its own investigation into Ziegler's handling of cases in her court.

The Ethics Board also consented to the stay Ziegler has requested pending the outcome of her suit. The board's complaint has a May 17 hearing scheduled in Dane County court.

See the Ethics Board filing:


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