Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wisconsin Association of Defense Lawyers Asks for New Trial for Jensen

The Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have filed an amicus brief on behalf of former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, asking for a new trial because the Waukesha Republican's due process rights were violated during his trial. Jensen is appealing his conviction on felony misconduct in office.

The brief contends Jensen wasn't permitted to present a complete defense because the court barred him from raising evidence that others engaged in conduct similar to what he was accused of doing.

"The evidence he sought to admit was relevant and exculpatory, tending to negate the element of specific intent to obtain a dishonest advantage," wrote Kathleen Quinn, a member of WACDL's board of directors.

See the amicus brief:

In addition, Jensen's attorneys filed a reply to the state's demand that he make restitution for legal fees paid by the Assembly. The brief says Jensen has already pledged to repay his legal debt to the Assembly "in the event his conviction is sustained on appeal," and asks Dane County Judge Steven Ebert not to intervene in the matter.

See the brief:


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