Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blanchard: Repayment of Legal Fees "In the Interest of Justice"

The Dane County DA is asking a judge to require Scott Jensen, Steve Foti and Sherry Schultz to repay the state for legal bills taxpayers covered for them in the caucus scandal as a condition of probation or extended supervision.

The state Assembly last May approved a resolution directing the chamber to recoup the legal fees following conviction. But WisPolitics reported in Friday's Report that no action has been taken yet to collect the more than $163,000 in legal bills the three racked up.

Dane County DA Brian Blanchard wrote to Judge Steve Ebert that requiring repayment would be consistent with a previous restitution order and "in the interest of justice for the court to now order repayment to the state of those legal fees.

See the letter and proposed amended restitution orders: http://www.wispolitics.com/1006/070130BlanchardLetter.pdf


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