Friday, October 13, 2006

Caucus Scandal Prosecutors Files Restitution Request with Arbitrator

Former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen could pay up to $533,100 inrestitution, and another $67,147 in attorneys fees, depending on thefindings of an arbitrator charged with figuring out who owes what in thecaucus scandal case.

Prosecutors Brian Blanchard and Roy Korte submitted their findings to arbitrator Gerald Nichol Oct. 2. Defense attorneys have not filed responses as of today. On Sept. 11, Dane County Judge Steven Ebert gavethe sides 60 days to come back to his court.

"This is not the typical case in which restitution is owed to anindividual victim," write the prosecutors. "Yet it is no less essentialunder the applicable law that the state's taxpayers, as represented by the Assembly Chief Clerk, be made whole to the same degree as any other victimas a result of the defendants' intentional, long running, andsophisticated thefts from every taxpayer in the state of Wisconsin."

Jensen should be held solely responsible for the $243,000 in salary andbenefits for seven other employees from the Assembly Republican Caucus orJensen's Capitol office. The prosecution says the amounts "areconservative, and not an attempt to recover for the taxpayers any morethan was shown without question at trial ..."

All three defendants could share in paying back the approximately $290,000in salary and benefits Schultz drew as a state employee in Foti's office,the prosecution argues. Split three ways, each would pay $96,559.

The prosecutors list Schultz as owing $68,629 and Foti $27,981 in restution to the Chief Clerk of the Assembly. The


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