Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maistelman Emails Will Not Be Part of Green's Case

E-mails uncovered showing Mike Maistelman, an attorney for the Doyle campaign, contacted individual state Elections Board members to lobby them to side against GOP gubernatorial Mark Green were not introduced into evidence at the hearing today.

"[The e-mails have] not formally been introduced as evidence, so I think the facts that were reported today speak for themselves. I have nothing more to say than that," said Don Millis, one of the attorneys for the Green campaign, in a post-hearing talk with reporters.

In the emails, attorney Mike Maistelman told the board members that the Democratic Party and the governor's campaign would give them "cover" on the issue, and that even if the case ends up in court it would be a "PR victory" for the Doyle camp.

Millis said the e-mails may show what motivated the decision. The fact they weren't brought up court today means they can't be introduced at the Court of Appeals level, Millis said.

"Well they're not in the record, that's right," Millis said.

Millis said he did not contact any board members who voted on the issue.

"The only contact I had was to contact my colleague (board member Patrick Hodan) to tell him he had to recuse himself," said Millis.

DOJ spokesman Mike Bauer said the department would look into whether the e-mails constitute a walking quorum, but said he didn't think any investigation would go beyond that."

As far as I know I don't think that's inappropriate," Bauer said. "I don't believe it's illegal"


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