Tuesday, June 06, 2006

WKOW Hopes to Avoid Turning Over Tape

Madison TV station WKOW is looking for a way to quash a federal subpoena ordering it to turn over the unedited tape of its interview with defendant Georgia Thompson from last fall.

News director Al Zobel is supposed to appear in Milwaukee tomorrow at 2 p.m. to turn over the video, which he considers akin to a reporter's notes. He believes the station has journalistic privilege.

"The attorneys are trying to look for that one leg we can stand on to try to quash it," Zobel said. "But right now, they're advising me to turn it over."

WKOW reporter Tony Galli broke the story last fall that Doyle received donations from Adelman executives shortly before and after the contract took effect. He continued to report various angles of the story and scored a one-on-one interview with Thompson.

He is also on the defense witness list, though he is contemplating refusing to testify if called.

"On principle, I believe a journalist should have a certain level of privilege to ensure the free flow of information," Galli said.

-- By JR Ross


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