Wednesday, June 07, 2006

UW Employee Says She Suggested Final Bidding Stage

Under cross examination, Clemmons said she was the one who suggested the partner contract be put out for a best and final offer. She said she wanted the top scorers to come in and redo their presentations and suggested they be re-evaluated on the service aspect of their proposals.

That undercuts one of the prosecution's contentions that Thompson manipulated the evaluation process with the best and final offer stage to push the contract to Adelman.

Hurley also suggested in his questioning that Clemmons went into the evaluation process with a bias toward a company that eventually won a separate contract for UW athletics travel.

Clemmons said she was unaware that she was the only one who scored Worldtek Travel No. 1 in all categories for the athletics travel contract. The company already had a contract with UW athletics. Hurley pointed to an e-mail which Clemmons sent to all committee members except Thompson and Webb. In it, she wrote she should be happy with the outcome because "Athletics got what it wanted."

Today, Clemmons said that meant, "We got WorldTek."


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