Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thompson Trial Resumes

The Georgia Thompson trial continued today with the prosecution calling Lisa Clemmons, a purchasing agent for the University of Wisconsin and a member of the evaluation committee for state travel contracts.

Assistant US Attorney Greg Haanstad began by asking her about the RFP evaluation process and what's at stake in the process. Clemmons said "service is extremely important with this type of contract," especially when dealing with UW Athletics, where violations could lead to ineligibility of athletes, affecting UW's bottom line.

Clemmons said she was "disappointed" with Adelman's oral presentation on the partner contract and said the account manager assigned by Adelman "was not someone who impressed me."

Prior to that, Adelman had contracted with the UW for many years. Clemmons said the two parties "had a great working relationship."

Clemmons said when the commissioners met, a "general sense of disappointment" was expressed. She said commissioner Terri Gill indicated she was "disappointed" in Adelman's proposed account manager. She recalled Thompson saying the person was "OK."

When the commissioners were asked if they approved of Omega receiving the contract, Clemmons said "Georgia was not fine with Omega."

Clemmons said she recalled Thompson saying, "This is not acceptable. It has to be a Wisconsin company."

Clemmons said the other commissioners were in disbelief.

"We'd worked so hard and spent so much time, the six of us were happy with Omega," she said.

-Greg Bump


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