Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thompson: 'I'm Not a Political Person'

Thompson said she votes "sometimes," does not belong to a political party, and does not have bumper stickers on her car.

"I'm not a political person," she said.

She also said her contact with former DOA Secretary Marc Marotta was limited to quarterly department meetings, chance meetings in the elevator, and a presentation she gave to him and Gina Frank-Reese in the secretary's office. Their offices were four floors apart, and they were also separated by several management levels.

"I didn't know Marc Marotta,' she said.

Thompson said she told Marotta during the presentation the state could save $4.1 million per year with the proposed travel program. She said Marotta was "excited" by the presentation and the savings, and the program was greenlit shortly after her presentation.


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