Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thompson Explains Score Changes

Under re-direct, Thompson said she changed her scores on the oral presentations to correct for her judging based on style over substance.

Thompson said at the March 3 meeting that "no one clearly indicated to me at the meeting that they scored on style over substance." Thompson said she wouldn't accuse someone of improper conduct based on her suspicions.

Hurley asked Thompson why several contracts didn't go to the best and final offer stage. For most she indicated that they were contracts for specialty areas that had special service needs.

When asked about the partner contract Thompson said "if there ever was an example of when a best and final offer should be done, this is it."

Under re-cross, Biskupic asked Thompson about a spreadsheet that showed Adelman and Omega were tied. Biskupic noted that because Omega was scored a few decimal points higher, that it was listed above Adelman. He then asked Thompson why when the spreadsheet was passed up the chain, it was changed to list Adelman first.

Thompson replied that "it would have been Dave Webb" who changed them. She denied knowing that this happened and said "he could have been alphabetizing them."


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