Monday, June 05, 2006

Thompson Cited 'Superiors and Political Issues' in Urging Commissioners to Change Scores, Witness Says

Travel contract consultant Ian Thomas testified that Georgia Thompson urged commissioners to change their scores after Omega Travel came out on top of a request for proposal for a state travel contract, and that she referenced "political issues" as a reason.

Thomas worked with the committee on how to structure the evaluation process of the RFPs. Thomas, under questioning by the prosecution, testified that after the final scores were calculated for the partner travel contract, Omega had beaten Adelman Travel.

Thomas testified that Thompson said either "You can't do that" or "That can't be done," and that Thompson talked about the need for the contract to be granted to Adelman because "she referenced in some way her superiors and political issues."

Thomas said that Thompson requested the commissioners to re-evaluate their scores, offering as justification that she had changed one of her scores on a travel contract to satisfy the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department. Thomas said he didn't recall that Thompson listed cost savings as a reason to change their scores.

-- By David A. Wise


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