Monday, June 05, 2006

Randa Rules on Motions

Judge Rudolph Randa denied a defense motion to exclude evidence of phone calls between Adelman Travel, the govenor's office, and the Department of Administration.

Randa granted a motion from defense attorney Stephen Hurley regarding the exclusion of evidence about the quality of service from Adelman Travel or on the fact that contract was rescinded.

But Randa denied motions seeking the exclusion of the term "bid-rigging" and to stop the prosecution from referring to Thompson as "the defendant."

Another defense motion, asking Randa to order witnesses not to testify about their perceptions or beliefs about Thompson's motivations, was denied by Randa.

A motion to sequester witnesses was granted, with exclusion of WKOW-TV reporter Tony Galli, who will be allowed to be present to cover the case, and the case agents.

Randa reserved judment on a motion by the prosecution to exclude some expert defense witnesses. Biskupic argued the witnesses would be duplicative. Randa said he would make that determination as the witnesses come up.

Opening statements were to begin at 1:15 p.m.

-- By David A. Wise


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