Thursday, June 08, 2006

Prosecutor Questions Thompson's Story on Reconsidering Adelman Scores

Prosecutor Steven Biskupic opened his cross-examination by immediately tearing into Thompson's explanation that she asked committee members to reconsider their scores because she felt they had been treated unfairly.

He asked if on March 2, the day before the final scores were revealed, she had known that her fellow commissioners had treated Adelman unfairly, and that it had affected their scores. "I had it in my mind that it was possible," she said.

He asked the question several ways, and each time Thompson calmly said she did not know that the comissioners had downgraded Adelman on style rather than substance, but she suspected it because of negative comments she heard about the Adelman presenters.

"I think they perhaps scored more on emotion" than substance, she said.

Biskupic asked if that's why she asked the others to change their scores.

"I didn't ask people to change scores. I asked them if they wanted to reconsider their scores," she said. "I would have been content if they would have had the discussion."

Biskupic also questioned her about testimony by Ian Thomas, a consultant who worked with the committee. Thomas told the jury that he had a conversation with Dave Webb shortly before the March 3 meeting and informed Webb that Adelman had lost out on the contract. He said Webb's reaction was "Georgia's going to be upset."

Biskupic asked if Thompson had ever expressed a preference for Adelman to Webb, who worked in a cubicle next to her. She said she hadn't.

Thomas also alleged that Thompson told him that Pat Farley was "well-connected to the governor," and that Farley served on the governor's election committee. She denied saying it.

"When he attributed that to you, that's completely false?" asked Biskupic.

"Yes," said Thompson.

"You had no idea of Mr. Farley's political activities?" he asked.

"Correct," she responded.


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