Monday, June 12, 2006

Prosecution: Thompson Did Not Make Merit-Based Argument Until Trial

Haanstad said she had the opportunity to step up after the oral presentations and to step up and argue in favor of Adelman based on merit at the March 3 meeting. Haanstad said she didn't do so then or when she gave a TV interview several months later.

After this statement Haanstad replayed a portion of her WKOW interview and said that "it wasn't until she came here to trial that she offered a merit-based reason" to select Adelman.

Haanstad told the jury that when the revised cost proposals came in that the final scores were 0.7 points apart. Haanstad recounted testimony by Thompson where she said she was directed by her boss, Pat Farley, and legal counsel to instruct Dave Webb to count this as a tie. Haanstad then showed a portion of the WKOW tape that seemed to contradict her testimony.

Summing up, Haanstad said that without Thompson's actions, Adelman would not have won the contract.

"Her job was to insulate that process from those political pressures. Instead she manipulated the process and subverted it for those pressures," he said.


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