Friday, June 09, 2006

McCain Discusses DOA-UW System Tension

McCain highlighted the tension between the DOA and the UW System. McCain said the university often has special procurement needs and due to the volume of purchasing they engage in, that universities feel they can get a better deal using university consortium than by buying through the state. "They are not always thrilled" to be tied to the state, McCain said.

She said committee member Bridget Nettesheim approached her about her concerns with the partner travel RFP process, and the fact it was going to a best and final offer. "She felt it might be illegal," McCain said. Nettesheim said committee members told her they felt pressured into changing their scores, and that the contract was being directed to a particular vendor.

McCain told the concerned commissioners to request another meeting with the committee to put the issues on the table or put their concerns in writing. The meeting never took place.

McCain said she is the one who proposed the raise for Thompson, based on the difficult projects she had taken on and the long hours she dedicated to her job.

McCain said Thompson was "person of high integrity" who is a committed and hard worker.

"She is exactly what we folks should want in a state employee," McCain said.


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