Friday, June 09, 2006

McCain: Committee Member Was Concerned About Travel Contract

Under cross, McCain agreed that it would be improper for a person to suggest others change scores on non-merit based reasons. McCain agreed it would violate rules if a person who favored a specific vendor pushed an RFP to a best and final offer stage to give that vendor another chance.

Prosecutor Scott Campbell asked her questions repeatedly to show she did not know the specifics of the of the March 3 meeting.

McCain recounted a conversation with Nettesheim, who came to her with concerns over the contract award. McCain said Nettesheim told her Thompson said the Omega award "wouldn't fly politically."

McCain said she was concerned about that, but said such a comment "could have meant a lot of different things, none of them good."

After receiving an e-mail from Nettesheim's boss, UW System Associate Vice President for Financial Administration Doug Hendrix, that said further information on concerns about the contract would "come from higher levels," she thought the concerns were being dealt with.

McCain disagreed that she intended to look further into the partner contract when she moved from the UW System to DOA in April 2005. Prior to that move, McCain was director of purchasing at the UW System.

McCain reiterated that she thought it was being handled and added, "like you said, I was not privy to everything that was in that meeting."


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