Monday, June 12, 2006

Hurley Says Gov't Investigation Incomplete

Hurley criticized the government for not looking at the whole picture while conducting its investigation. Hurley pointed out that the government introduced phone calls between the DOA and Adelman. But he said they didn't look for evidence of calls between the DOA and other travel agencies.

Hurley told the jury "the government asks you to speculate that Georgia Thompson was directing David Webb's every move," and said the only evidence the government produced was that their cubicles shared a wall.

While the prosecution never brought it up, a best and final step was envisioned from the outset because it was included in the project's charter, Hurley said. And, he said, prosecuting attorneys never asked Lisa Clemmons whether she was in fact the one who suggested the bid go to a best and final offer stage. Instead, they say that Thompson "advocated" that the best and final be evaluated on a cost-only basis, which they alleged would favor Adelman over Omega.

"There is no shred of evidence Georgia advocated for a cost-only best and final," Hurley said.


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