Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hurley Questions Gill's Motivations

In his cross-examination, Hurley showed the jury Gill's scores for the partner contract. He noted that she scored Adelman highest overall, but when Omega was picked by a consensus of the members, she didn't object and fight for Adelman.

"Was Omega paying you off?" asked Hurley.

"No!" answered Gill incredulously.

"Did someone tell you you should be pushing for Omega?" he asked.

"We were asked as a committee who we wanted - it wasn't a bad thing for (Omega) to be awarded the contract," she answered.

Gill also testified that Thompson was not acting like herself during a meeting in March. Gill referenced Webb and Thompson and said "I believe they were both being told what to do."

Hurley followed: "Is this strictly your surmise?"


"Is this strictly your suspicion?"



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