Monday, June 12, 2006

Hurley Defends Scoring Differences

Hurley took time in his presentation to discuss government evidence that showed Thompson's score on Adelman's oral presentation was higher than the others.

Hurley said testimony showed that the others were angry at Adelman for presenting on an online contract for which it was not considered and scored the company lower because of it. Their scores also reflected that they didn't like the presenter, he said. Hurley said the others were using criteria not in the RFP, such as "likeability and the wow factor."

Hurley pointed to several contracts on which one member scored a particular vendor higher that others. Hurley said the government would assert that those people were "up to no good" also.

Hurley suggested that the reality is that scorers each had their own area of expertise and their scores reflected that.

In the case of the partner contract, Hurley said others were concerned about the UW System, but Thompson, who would have to implement the program, was concerned about all the state agencies.

"So she necessarily had a different perspective," Hurley said.


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