Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hurley Argues Prosecution Charts Misleading

Defense attorney Steve Hurley picked apart a series of charts compiled by FBI agent Terry Sparacino and designed to show how Thompson's scores on oral presentations for Adelman and Omega differed from those of other committee members.

Hurley asked Sparacino why he decided to focus only on the oral presentation portion.

"I just made that determination," replied Sparacino.

Sparacino testified that the charts he used did not show how individual evaluators ranked Adelman and Omega on other areas besides oral presentations.

"Is there any reason you didn't want to point out the differences between the other evaluators?" asked Hurley.

Hurley criticized another chart that pitted the committee's average score against Thompson's. Sparacino agreed there was wide variance in the scores of the other evaluators.

"Why did you decide to average all the other evaluators?" asked Hurley.

Hurley picked apart two other charts that he insinuated were poorly labeled and potentially misleading and had Sparacino label each portion.

Hurley also poked holes in the government's phone call list. He asked Sparacino if in his investigation he was able to discern the content of the calls.

"Absolutely not," Sparacino answered.

Hurley also asked whether during the investigation they tried to obtain a phone log for Thompson as part of their open records request to the DOA. "Do you recall getting the phone records for Georgia Thompson," he asked.

"I do not," Sparacino replied.

Hurley also established that like Adelman, the owners of another travel business bidding for the contracts, Marathon Travel of Stevens Point, made donations to Doyle's campaign. He questioned why investigators had not provided that information to the jury.

Next he turned his attention to the prosecution's discussion of a raise Thompson received in June 2005, showing a letter listing the pay boost as 50 cents an hour.

"Is the implication she sold her soul for 50 cents an hour?" Hurley asked. Biskupic objected on grounds the question was argumentative, and Randa sustained his objection.


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