Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Galli Removed from Witness List as WKOW Hands in Interview Tape

WKOW posted its entire interview with Thompson on its Web site today and struck a deal with the defense before turning over a copy that Thompson lawyers had subpoenaed, news director Al Zobel said.

Thompson had listed WKOW reporter Tony Galli, who broke the story about questions surrounding the Adelman contract, as a potential witness. Zobel said the defense agreed to drop Galli from its witness list in exchange for a copy of the tape. Zobel said making the entire interview public on the station Web site took care of his ethical dilemma over being compelled to turn it over. But he still didn't like it.

"I was unhappy as a journalist I was compelled to turn over a video I didn't think I should," he said.

The deal allows Galli to cover the trial. He had been pulled off earlier this week after he was subpoenaed.

See the unedited video:


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