Wednesday, June 07, 2006

FBI Documents: Thompson Only Committee Member to Favor Adelman's Oral Presentation

Biskupic produced a series of documents showing summaries Sparacino gathered during the investigation of the evaluators' scores.

Among the facts he pointed out was that Adelman's bid was only about $7,500 less than Omega's bid, $277,537 to $285,294.

Another showed the jury a comparison of evaluators' scores for the oral presentation. On Thompson's sheet, Adelman's presentation outscored the competition by 25 points. On all the other evaluators' sheets, Adelman was behind the top scorer by an average of 39 points.

Another document displayed by Biskupic was a breakdown of committee members' results on oral presentations for partner, group and business travel contracts. Thompson had them ranked first on all three -- no other evaluator had them as the top-ranked company for any of the three.

The prosecution produced a spreadsheet used by Webb to indicate a tie between Adelman and Omega after revised cost scores for the partner contract were entered in. The document only reflected the whole number score in the field, with both at 1027.

Sparacino testified that if the spreadsheet reflected reflected decimal places that Omega would have outscored Adelman by 0.7 points.


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