Monday, June 12, 2006

Doyle: Thompson to Be Fired, No Other State Employee Involved

Statement from Gov. Jim Doyle's office:
"As I have stated before, I have zero tolerance for ethical lapses in government. When public servants abuse the public's trust, they forfeit their rights to continue in the state's employ.

"While I have never met Georgia Thompson, I had, and continue to have, tremendous faith in our state workers, and the men and women who work at the Department of Administration. I had every expectation that the allegations against her would be proven wrong.

"However, as a former prosecutor and Attorney General, I respect our judicial process and the work juries do. In this case, the jury has spoken, and we will take appropriate action.

"Public employees are entrusted with using taxpayer dollars to pursue the public good. At all times, they must take action that falls squarely within the public's interest.

"Obviously when a person is convicted of a crime related to their duties, their employment must be terminated. I have instructed Secretary Bablitch to take swift action to resolve this matter.

"I have been carefully briefed of the testimony at the trial, and from the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense, it is clear that Georgia Thompson acted on her own and that no other state employee was involved."


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