Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Defense Tries to Shoot Down Ties Between Thompson and Doyle/Marotta

Prosecutors tried to establish connections between Gov. Jim Doyle's office, the Department of Administration and Adelman Travel today to bolster its argument that there was an atmosphere that made it clear to Georgia Thompson that Adelman was the preferred vendor for the contract.

But defense attorney Steve Hurley tried to shoot down any connections between Thompson and those involved in those contacts, pointing out the e-mails, public schedules and meeting notes produced by the prosecution were not found in Thompson's files.

DOJ special agent Helen Wasmer read from documents while on the stand this afternoon showing those contacts between Adelman and state officials. That includes a June 2004 meeting in which Adelman lobbied DOA officials to consider consolidating the state's travel contracts. Adelman officials told the state that to make it work, a consolidated travel program would have to be mandated by the state, according to Wasmer's testimony.

She also testified Adelman officials indicated they were prepared to bid for the work and believed submitting a request for proposal to gather competing bids would be a "waste of time."

In his cross of Wasmer, defense attorney Hurley criticized an organizational chart produced by the prosecution that suggested Thompson was five positions removed from Doyle. Wasmer agreed with Hurley's assertion there were many more people between Thompson and Doyle.

Hurley also suggested in his questions that Thompson was far removed from Marotta's office, and he flipped through the documents Wasmer read from and asked if copies were found in Thompson's files. She replied "no" each time.

-- By David A. Wise


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