Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Consultant Says Discussion, Change of Scores Appropriate

Travel contract consultant Ian Thomas testified this morning it was appropriate to discuss scores in the evaluation process and change them after talking to other people on the committee.

Responding to questions from Georgia Thompson attorney Steve Hurley, Thomas agreed that the scoring process was subjective and it was appropriate for evaluators to change scores as they learned more.

Thomas had previously testified that he believed Thompson favored Adelman in the process because of her "superiors and political issues," citing various comments he testified she made.

Hurley pressed Thomas for details on those comments, and the consultant said he was unsure of the specific words Thompson used and whether she was referring to Adelman specifically.

Prosecutors have accused Thompson of inflating her score for a vendor favored by members of the evaluation committee for an athletic travel contract in an attempt to persuade them to support Adelman for a separate deal.

Hurley insisted Thompson changed her score on that contract because she discussed the unique needs of the UW Athletic Department with one of its representatives and decided to change her score based on that conversation. Hurley argued she was justified in making that switch.

-- By David A. Wise


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