Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Committee Member 'Offended' By Thompson Questions

Committee member Frank Kooistra said he was "very upset" and "offended" when Thompson asked committee members if any of them wanted to change their scores after final scores were calculated.

Kooistra said he was angry because the committee had already put in hours of hard work. Kooistra said he was very concerned about service and felt that the state's effort to consolidate travel contracts would result in a loss of service. He testified service was the primary concern for him in the process.

Kooistra described the oral presentations as the only way to judge service outside of the written portion of the RFP. Kooistra described Adelman's proposal as a "very cold, formal presentation that didn't engage the selection committee."

Kooistra said he felt the best and final offer process was used due to "some other reason" than cost and testified "I think it was used to select Adelman."

While he did not support going to a best and final offer phase, he also wasn't opposed to it.

-- By David A. Wise


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