Monday, June 05, 2006

Biskupic Says Prosecution Will Rest Tomorrow

The trial of Department of Administration employee Georgia Thompson is underway this morning in Milwaukee.

U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic told Judge Rudolph Randa that he will wrap up testimony by tomorrow afternoon.

Randa said from looking at the witness lists submitted Friday by the two sides, that a five-day trial is "pretty optimistic."

For now, the court has been cleared for jury selection. The attorneys will select 12 jurors and at least one alternate. Randa said he will ask potential jurors about media coverage, and will also ask if the coverage they saw will influence them.

Also this morning, Randa adopted Magistrate Patricia Gorence's recommendation to deny defense motions to dismiss the case. Randa said he would rule after jury selection on In Limine motions submitted by the two sides. The prosecution submitted a new motion this morning to limit the potential expert testimony of several witnesses listed by the defense regarding the bidding process. The prosecution requested they must testify on undisputed facts. Biskupic conceded in the filing that "it can be proper for RFP evaluators to change their minds after discussion and that resort can be had to the 'best and final' process."

"A parade of current and former department of adminstration procurement officials testifying on these undisputed points would not be helpful to the trier of fact," Biskupic stated in his filing.

-- By David A. Wise


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