Monday, June 12, 2006

Biskupic Rebuttal: Proof is in Thompson's Own Words

In his rebuttal, Prosecutor Steven Biskupic told jurors to look at the events of the March 3 meeting and take into account statements attributed to Thompson that suggested she used political considerations in arguing in favor of Adelman.

"The proof is in the defendant's own words," Biskupic said. "If she made these statements then her testimony was a bunch of lies."

Biskupic said jurors need to look at the evidence as a whole and criticized Hurley for pointing out the fact that the witnesses couldn't remember exact words of alleged statements. Biskupic said there will always be differences in witnesses' statements, but that jurors have "evaluate them all together."

"It's the evidence that convicts," Biskupic said. "Her words to the other people on the committee March 3." Biskupic said the witnesses statements regarding political considerations are "not speculation, not suspicions, it's what she said."

Biskupic told the jury it did not have to prove that "someone got to her" and pressured her to favor Adelman, just that she thought the award to Adelman would favor her bosses.

"What a coincidence that it actually did."


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