Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Committee Member Recalls Disappointment with Adelman Presentation

The next witness is Terri Gill, travel manager for UW and member of the travel contract evaluation committee.

Gill echoed Clemmons' statement that she was "disappointed" with the Adelman proposal. She said the proposed account manager spent "too much time competing for something they were not in the running for," the online contract. She also said she didn't "click" with the account manager, who she said she'd have to work closely with.

When the evaluation committee computed the partner contract scores and Omega was on top, Gill remembers Thompson's reaction was "it couldn't work out like this." She said she took that to mean Thompson was saying the contract had to go to Adelman.

Gill said she was not surprised when Adelman was ultimately awarded the contract. "I knew it was coming," she said, again echoing Clemmons. "I assumed it would work out this way."


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