Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ladwig Sentenced to Home Confinement

By JR Ross

Former state Rep. Bonnie Ladwig was sentenced this morning to 30 days home confinement on electronic monitoring, a $1,000 fine (plus court costs) and $3,500 in restitution. The sentence exceeded the plea deal she reached with the DA that included only the restitution and fine.

In issuing the sentence, Dane County Judge Steven Ebert denounced an "elite cabal" in the Capitol that has created a perpetual quest for money and power and believes its opinion is the only one that truly matters, insulting Wisconsin’s democratic ideals.

Ladwig tearfully apologized to the court, saying she realized her legacy would not turn out as she had hoped. She called the past four years the worst of her life, professed love for her old job as a lawmaker and apologized to taxpayers, staff and other legislators for what she had done, adding she had "nobody to blame but myself."

"I hope in my 12 years in office I did a little something to make Wisconsin a better place to live," she said.


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