Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DA Wants Prison for Jensen, Jail for Schultz

Along with prison and restitution, the Dane County district attorney wants former Rep. Scott Jensen banned from the state Capitol during a five-year sentence following his conviction on three felony misconduct charges and one misdemeanor.

DA Brian Blanchard wrote in his sentencing recommendation that the image of Jensen "plying the trade of a lobbyist in the halls of the Capitol, or in any other manner counseling or consulting with elected officials, during the years following his sentencing in this case is repugnant."

Blanchard asks that Jensen be sentenced next week to five-year terms on each of the three felonies of which he was convicted. On count one, Blanchard requests 15 to 20 months in prison followed by supervised release for the remainder of the five-year term. On counts two and three, Blanchard requests 12 months in prison followed by 48 months supervised release.

Blanchard also asked for one year probation and a fine for the misdemeanor count on which Jensen was convicted. All of the sentences would be served concurrently.

The filing is particularly critical of Jensen.

"In sum, while Jensen has some favorable character traits, due in part to his apparently strong family ties, when it comes to the matters before the court, Jensen has demonstrated a character of rare and consistent selfishness, arrogance, and deceit, and complete distain [sic] for the rule of law when applied to his own conduct," Blanchard writes. "In this context, he has shown no concern for the public welfare or for the circumstances of the many persons who have, in a number of cases, all too loyally worked for him, while being paid by the public."

Blanchard requested the same ban on being in the Capitol for Sherry Schultz, calling her "a long time Capitol insider, who should not [be] allowed to use Capitol visits to enhance her business of campaign finance."

Schultz was convicted of one felony count of misconduct in office. He also recommends six months to nine months in jail for her with work release privileges, along with restitution. The filing notes restitution will be determined for both Jensen and Schultz at a separate hearing.

See the sentencing recommendation: http://www.wispolitics.com/1006/060509blanchard.pdf


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