Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Witness Says Schultz 'Upset','Scared' After Story Broke

Testimony resumed this morning, with former ARC media specialist Tom Petri recalling for DA Brian Blanchard a conversation he had with Sherry Schultz outside the ARC office shortly after the "caucus scandal" story broke.

"She said something to the effect of ... 'If I go down, I'm taking them all down with me.' I assumed it was a reference to the leadership in the Assembly at that time -- her bosses."

Under cross examination by Schultz's attorney Stephen Morgan, Petri said such a statement was in Schultz's nature.

"I remember Sherry being at times feisty and that fit her M.O. at that point," Petri said, adding that she was "upset" and "scared" at the time, "as we all were."

Petri has been excused and Brian Dake is the next witness up.


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