Thursday, March 02, 2006

Witness Recalls Schultz Bragging About Donation

The next witness is Bill Cosh, a former Assembly Republican Caucus staffer and now aide to Rep. Dan Meyer. The prosecution is back to calling its witnesses.

Cosh mostly backed up the testimony from earlier ex-ARC employees, giving examples of defendant Schultz' fundraising involvement. Some of the examples he gave:

*Cosh said of Schultz, who was an employee of Majority Leader Steve Foti but worked in the ARC offices, that she primarily worked with legislators to help them raise money for campaigns.

Asked if Schultz did any policy work, Cosh replied, "Not that I was aware of, no."

*He recalled Schultz bragging once about contacting a lobbyist for a donation, and the lobbyist told her their account was nearly drained except an odd amount with some change. Cosh said Schultz had a check made out from the lobbyist in that amount, including the change.

*After reporter Dee Hall began investigating the caucuses and the '00 campaign had ended, Cosh said he assisted in removing campaign documents from the ARC. He said Schultz complained about it. "She was upset how many things she had to remove and how it was hindering her doing her job," he said.

*Cosh said Schultz provided him with call lists to contact residents to recruit them to host fundraisers. He specifically recalled making calls for a fundraiser for Rep. Terry Musser. Korte said he also told prosecutors in 2002 that he made similar calls for Rep. Mark Pettis as well, but Cosh didn't recall that specifically.

Cosh said the calls were usually made after 5 p.m.

Cosh testified that Jensen told Schultz to make the fundraising calls.

*He said he participated in stuffing envelopes in the ARC office for "20 mailings - maybe more."

*Schultz would sometimes vent her frustrations about legislators not working hard enough, Cosh said.

"Working hard on what?" Korte asked.

"Fundraising," Cosh answered.

*Schultz helped "quite a few" legislators with their campaign finance reports, Cosh said. He said she was "one of the experts in the state" on campaign finance regulations.

*Cosh testified that he saw Schultz making copies of campaign checks on the ARC copy machine.


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