Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Witness Recalls More Schultz Fundraising Work

Prosecution witness Rose Smyrski testified that she worked on the campaign of Rep. Mark Pettis in 2000. The Senate website now lists her in the office of Sen. Dan Kapanke, but at the time, she was employed by then-Rep. Neal Kedzie.

Smyrski seemed to be a reluctant witness, with Blanchard pulling her testimony out bit by bit. After several minutes of questioning, Smyrski testified that she helped put the Pettis campaign treasurer in touch with Schultz when the treasurer had campaign finance questions.

Blanchard needed to prompt Smyrski with the transcript of a 2002 interview she had with investigators before she could remember that Schultz contacted her in 2000 to give her fundraising contacts in the district.

During part of the questioning Blanchard appeared frustrated as he tried to pry out information about fundraising calls she made from the ARC office to recruit fundraiser hosts for a campaign. She said she was supplied a calling card by Schultz, and that she was given a list of names by either Schultz or Lyndee Wall of people to call.

Smyrski also said she printed off fundraising invitations from Schultz's state-owned ARC computer.

Blanchard asked her about a conversation Schultz had with Smyrski to gauge her interest in joining ARC. He then asked what Smyrski would have done at the ARC.

"Assisting (Schultz) with her duties," Smyrski replied.

"And what were those duties?" Blabchard prodded.

"Helping with her fundraising duties," Smyrski said.


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