Thursday, March 09, 2006

Witness Recalls Donating Campaign Finance Program to State

Today's only witness is Paul Tessmer, former database specialist for the Assembly Republican Caucus from May '98 to Dec. '01.

Tessmer created a software program for filing campaign finance reports. He said he developed the program after receiving an question about the possibility of creating such software from Jensen's former Chief of Staff Brett Healy, but said he didn't view it as a work assignment but a "professional challenge."

He said he worked on the program both on his own time and on state time while in the ARC office. Tessmer testified that defendant Sherry Schultz helped in creating the program, running tests on early versions to get the bugs out of the system.

In about 2003, after he left the ARC, state Elections Board director Kevin Kennedy contacted him about the program and he donated it to the state, Tessmer said.


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