Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Union: Charges Against DOA's Thompson Put State Employees at Risk

AFT-Wisconsin has announced the filing of an amicus brief in the case against DOA civil servant Georgia Thompson, saying in a release that "the rationale for this criminal prosecution could have adverse repercussions for many state employees, and the services they provide to Wisconsin's citizens."

Thompson is not a member of the union -- the union filed the brief on behalf of its members. The union's filings argue that groups who could be affected by the logic used in the Thompson indictment include employees at DOT, DOA, DATCP, DNR, and DFI, among other agencies. The filing says employees are concerned that "the routine, lawful performance of their jobs may put them potentially at risk for similar criminal prosecution."

"The legal theory of the Thompson indictment would extend potential criminal liability for federal mail fraud to any public employee whose official actions result in a benefit to political donors/supporters of superiors," the brief says, as part of an argument that the case against Thompson should be dismissed.

*Read the brief: http://www.wispolitics.com/1006/060314AFTbrief.pdf
*See a related motion:

According to the AFT press release: "The prosecution's overreaching and unprecedented federal charges contain no allegation of fraud or misrepresentation, no allegation of tangible personal gain and no allegation of a wrongful act, and put all state employees at risk for criminal prosecution for the routine, lawful performance of their jobs.''

See the AFT-Wisconsin release:


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