Thursday, March 02, 2006

Treasurer: Schultz Was Her Fundraising 'Angel'

When it came near Election Day and the Friske campaign was a little short on fundraising, Ascher-Knowlton said Schultz told her "she knew some people she could contact to get us some money."

Ascher-Knowlton said Schultz gave some pointers on holding fundraisers, but never organized or attended fundraisers in the district.

Ascher-Knowlton said there was an understanding that if Friske won, his campaign would be called upon to write checks to other campaigns needing help down the road. "If we didn't make a donation we certainly couldn't expect to keep receiving," she said. Ascher-Knowlton said she was unaware Schultz was a state employee at the time.

On cross, Morgan asked Ascher-Knowlton if she referred to Schultz as "her angel."

"We needed help. You get these books upon books upon books," Ascher-Knowlton said. "You get fined $500 for every error. That's a lot of money for me. So she was my angel -- yes she was."

Ascher-Knowlton and Schultz hugged as the witness left the courtroom.


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