Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rep. Kestell Sought Out Schultz for Campaign Finance Advice

Rep. Steve Kestell said he first met Schultz at a gathering for new GOP legislative candidates in Madison in '98. He said the person he was supposed to meet was delayed, and Schultz humored him while he waited.

Once he got into his campaign, he found that Schultz was "the expert on campaign finance law." He said he would call her to ask questions about subjects like contribution limits. "If you make a mistake it's going to become a campaign issue," he said.

"The Elections Board is a very, very busy place, especially during election time," Kestell said. "If you don't understand it in the terms they're offering you, they don't have a lot of time to spend on the phone with you."

Kestell said, "Sherry cared whether or not I was going to get it right."

Kestell said he sought advice on how to do fundraising from Schultz, but she never participated directly in fundraising for him.

On cross, Blanchard asked Kestell who he thought Schultz worked for. "I believe I understood she worked for Majority Leader Foti." Blanchard said Kestell told investigators that he didn't know who Schultz worked for. Kestell said he didn't remember saying that.


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