Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Prosecution Reminds Dake of Time on Leave from State Work

In the fall of 2000, after being hired in the Jensen office, Dake said he worked on Assembly races in the Green Bay area, namely the campaigns of Brent Weycker, Judy Krawczyk and Garey Bies. Dake testified that he spent 90 percent of his time on the campaigns, but that he was 80 percent off the state payroll.

But Dake corrected himself after Korte showed him a transcript from a June 2002 interview with investigators in which Dake said he was 20-50 percent off the state payroll. After reviewing the document, Dake said that figure seemed accurate.

At the time he was working on the campaigns, Dake said he was living in the basement of Rep. Phil Montgomery's house. He said he had "general, broad" conversations with Jensen about the campaigns.


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