Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Prosecution Prods Witness for Details

Blanchard asked Smyrski several times if she remembered seeing Schultz doing campaign finance reports on a state computer. After saying she could not recall, Blanchard reminded her that she had told prosecutors she indeed saw that in a Feb. 10 interview.

Blanchard asked her if she had any reason to tell them today different answers than she had on Feb. 10. "No, I'm just nervous," she said.

On his cross-examination, Morgan asked Smyrski if she told investigators back in 2002 that she had problems with her memory. She said yes, and said the problems are worse now.

Morgan said she had two childen since those initial interviews, the most recent in November. He asked if she was tired, and she said she was from being up all night with her two-year-old and newborn.

Smyrski was excused and she left the courtroom tearfully as court was adjourned for the day.


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