Monday, March 06, 2006

Prosecution Disputes Claims of Leave Time

To shed doubt on Tierney's statement under direct examination that she did campaign work while on leave, prosecutor Roy Korte produced multiple work orders from Tierney to Grant for campaign lit pieces dated June 1998. Some of the requests had a Jensen office number as a contact.

Korte showed that Tierney didn't take leave until August of that year.

On cross, Korte asked Tierney about how many times she saw Richard copying checks or entering the amounts into the database. She said she saw it a handful of times.

Did it stop after Tierney brought it up to Healy, Korte asked. "I honestly don't remember - it may haved dropped off for a while," Tierney answered.

She also recalled Jensen and Richard having conversations about Taxpayers for Jensen in the speaker's office -- discussions about the campaign committee's financial status and events. She also said she scheduled meetings for Jensen and Richard with lobbyists at the RPW.

Tierney also said she scheduled meetings between Jensen and Schultz. She said Schultz once told her she was very busy doing campaign finance reports.


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