Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Prosecution Counters DOA Employee's Arguments for Case Dismissal

The office of U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic late Wednesday afternoon submitted its response to the defense's pre-trial motions for dismissal in the trial of DOA employee Georgia Thompson. The 39-page document comes as both sides are preparing for the May 15 trial.

The prosecution document summarizes Thompson's position as "essentially that a public official who rigs the bidding process for a government contract ... commits no federal offense if she receives no direct monetary payment."

The prosecution rebuttal: "Bid rigging for private gain -- such as to enhance the public official's job security or to garner political advantage for her supervisors -- constitutes both honest services fraud and a misapplication of federal funds, both of which are federal criminal offenses."

The filing also says the defense request for additional information to prepare its defense should be denied and says the prosecution has already "made available more than 3,500 pages of discovery."

See the document:


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