Monday, March 06, 2006

Office Policy Was to Take Leave for Campaigning

Jodie Tierney, who worked for Jensen from '93-'01, said when staffers were leaving to work on campaigns, it was the policy of the office to contact the Assembly Chief Clerk's office and get taken off the state payroll for that percentage of the time. She said she did so when she left to do campaign work. And Meyer showed a leave document she filled out in '96.

Tierney said she accompanied Jensen to the RPW to make fundraising calls. She said she was not on state time when she made the trips.

She said Carrie Richard was employed to help with constituent services. Asked by Meyer about Richard's job performance, Tierney said she recalled more than one staff meeting to discuss how constituent contact had fallen behind. Tierney said she had to step in and help to catch things up on a couple of occasions.

Tierney said she witnessed Richard doing campaign work, like dealing with donation checks, in the speaker's office. She said she never made any comment to Richard or Jensen about it, but did say something to Healy.

Of campaign work. Tierney said, "It was something we were all supposed to volunteer on and chip in on, but we were not supposed to do that in the office."

Tierney said she solicited Eric Grant to do campaign lit and fundraising invitations. Asked if Jensen asked her to take the work to Grant at the ARC, Tierney said, "Not that I recall, no."

Asked if that was a bad decision in retrospect, Tierney said yes.

Tierney also said Jensen had a reputation for honesty.

"He's got a reputation for being very honest and truthful - a lot of integrity," Tierney said.

Morgan asked Tierney whether she ever did mailings in the annex room with Schultz and former Foti staffer Charlene Rodriguez. Rodriguez testified Friday that she stuffed envelopes in the annex. Tierney said she never engaged in mailings in the annex.


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