Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Witness Recalls Fundraising Discussion with Dake and Schultz

Carolyn (Hughes) Jahnke, who worked for the caucus from 2000 to October 2001 as a legislative services analyst, testified she first met defendant Sherry Schultz when Jahnke worked for Rep. Tom Sykora in 1998.

She said she met with Schultz and Dake in Sykora's office as part of ARC's outreach legislative services project aimed at new and vulnerable members. She said Schultz talked about fundraising issues at the meeting, specifically how much money the campaign had and how much they needed to raise. She said Dake talked about important people in the district and their issues and concerns, and told the staffers to be aware of them.

Jahnke testified that in July 2000 she began to work on the Howard Ludwigson campaign in the Eau Claire area. She said she got approval for 30 percent leave from the state. She said she stayed in Eau Claire from August through November.

Asked how much time she spent working on the campaign, Jahnke responded, "All of my time." She said she never received any pay from the campaign.

Jahnke said while working on the campaign she received support from the ARC office, getting help with ads and literature, mailings and lists. Like other ARC staffers, Jahnke said she would return to Madison for the Monday morning meetings at the ARC offices, where campaign goings-on and strategies would be discussed.

Prosecutor Roy Korte tried to get Jahnke to tell the jury, as Dake had, that Schultz had handed her a check at a Monday morning meeting. Jahnke had said that occurred in an interview with investigators, but today said, "I don't recall that specific incident. It's possible Sherry could have given me checks then."

Jahnke also testified that she worked with Jody Tierney in Jensen's office on a fundraising letter to Jensen supporters in the Ludwigson district, and that Jensen traveled to Eau Claire at least two times to meet with the candidate and discuss the race.

Also up this afternoon was Linda Hanson, who worked for Rep. Steve Foti from late '93 through August '98, which overlapped briefly with Schultz's term of employment. She said Schultz never had a workspace in the office, and she said she had no knowledge of Foti giving Schultz legislative work.


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